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The PlanetWatch Group is a new project of TDS Environmental Media. We are a group of writers and journalists telling stories about planet Earth. We also look for important human stories, since the happy success of each depends on the other.

Through extensive research founded on decades of experience, PlanetWatch produces in-depth multimedia content including original reporting, interviews, and commentary video, data visualizations, and podcasts. We examine not just global warming or “green” topics, instead, taking a holistic appraisal of the interrelated challenges faced by each of us, no matter the circumstance.

The goal is to inform and unite.

“Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.”

These words from poet and naturalist Gary Snyder informs our motivation for the PlanetWatch Group. In the brokenness of our age, we dig in where it comes together for each of us. Planet Earth. 

PlanetWatch begins for a 10-year-old-boy

I was 10 when Apollo 8 transmitted the first grainy, lo-res, black-and-white images back to Earth of Earthrise. December 24, 1968. It blew everyone’s mind. The first glimpse of Earth from space. There we all were.

I’ll never forget walking outside with my family that cold Colorado Christmas Eve. We all looked up that night at the moon, hanging high and bright in the sky, and saw our reflection.

For me, there’s never been a clearer connection between my tiny little spot on this earth, the moon there, hovering in the sky, and everything in between.

Planet Watch : Earthrise : A New Human Perspective

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