PlanetWatch Group Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

We at PlanetWatch are passionate environmental, climate, and social advocates who raise awareness about environmental degradation, climate change, and sustainable human development.

We also offer practical solutions to the crises we face. We inspire and empower people, organizations, businesses, and civil society so that they may work towards a cleaner environment, a safer climate, and more equitable human society.

We work to restore the well-being of our planet, preserve the natural systems on which all life depends, protect the health of all living creatures, and forge a sustainable economy. Consistent with this focus we create and disseminate science-based content for a wide range of stakeholders including individuals, governments, businesses and other organizations.

Vision Statement

PlanetWatch seeks to grow our level of engagement. We will act to expand our audience to include those who may not subscribe to science and sustainability. While listening to opposing views we will strive to share the reasons why sustainability is critical and we will offer practical solutions for its implementation.

We will make an effort to help others to meet the needs of future generations. PlanetWatch will also strive to reduce the impact that our internal operations have on the environment and our climate.

Values Statement

PlanetWatch values nature and all living things alongside the quality human life. Our activities are guided by the following principles:  Honesty, integrity and transparency.

Our values also include:

  • Abiding respect for nature
  • Respect for people
  • Social responsibility
  • Support diversity and equality
  • Science-based decision making
  • Legal compliance
  • Zero tolerance for corruption