PlanetWatch: It’s Our Turn on Watch

The human story of our time on Earth

We are a storytelling species. The stories we tell shape our collective reality. We all have a voice in telling the story of our future.

As writers, researchers, and journalists we seek out the individual stories, ideas, and people that reflect where we are and the possibilities for the future, for better or worse.

Beta Earth:

The PlanetWatch Group is in beta. Stay tuned for our formal launch in the fall of 2020!

PlanetWatch: Ponder our own insignificance. Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

It’s our turn at the watch

Our mission is sharing with you the collection and expression of these bits and pieces of the human condition that make up this story. We use text, data visualization, and infographics to help us tell this unfolding story of our planet and civilization.

We are aided by a network of smart, passionate and dedicated people from all walks of life. Among them are policymakers, business leaders, philanthropists, economists, scientists, and social advocates. Together we are on a journey toward sustainable development, natural economics, and climate action.

As individuals our perspective is limited, together we are on Planet Watch.

Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is? – Tom Schueneman – Medium

The end of the world, an essay on telling time I considered using the phrase “The Doomsday Clock” as the title for this piece, but thought better of it. I figured a reference to an old favorite would entice more than the suggestion of the end of the world.